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Volunteer Recognition

President's Volunteer Service Award
for High School Bowling Coaches

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The Points of Light mission is to inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. We enivsion a world in which everyone discovers the power to make a differenct, creating healthy communities in vibrant, participatory societies.

The U.S. High School Bowling Foundation feels for too long, high school bowling coaches have gone unappreciated by the bowling industry. Accordingly, we have partnered with Points of Light to bring recognition to the unsung heroes that coach our high school bowlers, and in some cases, volunteer much, much more.

In 2003, the Presidentís Council on Service and Civic Participation founded the Presidentís Volunteer Service Award to recognize the important role of volunteers in Americaís strength and national identity. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too.

The PVSA has continued under each presidential administration, honoring the volunteers who are using their time and talents to solve some of the toughest challenges facing our nation.

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PVSA Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Cher Breunig - Sun Prairie HS, Wisconsin (18 yrs / 10,500 hrs)
  • John Breunig - Sun Prairie HS, Wisconsin (18 yrs / 10,500 hrs)
  • Vicki Fillmore - North Medford HS, Oregon (24 yrs / 26,400 hrs)
  • Julinda Gallogly - Cambridge Christian, FL (24 yrs / 10,252 hrs)
  • William Knoth - John Hardin HS, Kentucky (28 yrs / 38,800hrs)
  • Brad Rexroat - Russell County HS, Kentucky (20 yrs / 6,587 hrs)
  • Vincent Sica - Broward County, FL (47 yrs / 18,920 hrs)
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2023 Lifetime Achievement Award.................. 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award .......
............ Brad Rexroat...... ....................... Cher & John Breunig w/Mike Nyitray
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2023 PVSA Gold Award recipients
Michael Anzalone, Karen Beam, Robert Bobbitt, Cher Breunig, John Breunig, Zerah Crouch, Vicki Fillmore,
Julinda Gallogly, Don Ijames, Shane Ison, William Knoth, Jimmy Latta, James "Jamie" Masclee, Brad Rexroat,
Jim Ryan, Tim Sarko, Roger Shockley, Lynda Siezega, George "Caleb" Speed .. STUDENT: Zachary Andrews
2023 PVSA Silver Award recipients
John Arms, Bob Babinchak, Matthew Bauer, Jarrod Bromley, Todd Burns, Curtis Camp, Doug Campbell,
Suzy Cates, Kevin Cox, Ty Cummins, Mark Derr, Charlie Dorton, Sarah Elliott, Kerrie Franklin,
Wrensley Gill, Bobby Hamilton, Chris Harnish, Jim Heathscott, Matt Hott, Jack Hollis II, Jeremy Hunting,
Jon Johnson, Emily Knight, Mike Krachey, Chad Lemaster, Daniele Livingston, Paul Moore, Duane Murawski,
Eric Myhre, Jason Palmer, Carrie Phillips, Jeff Rezabek, Mark Seelbaugh, Kevin Rackley, Jimmy Rhoads,
Ray Rogers, Paul Shafer, Austin Smith, Jason Tom, Melissa Troxel, Tim Voigt, Vicki White, Nick Whitmire,
Jeremy Woody, Craig Wroblewski Sr., Frank Yudzentis, Sharon Zeszotek
2023 PVSA Bronze Award recipients
Craig Baker, Will Baldwin, Brian Baxter, Matthew Bauer, George Belles Jr., Stefani Belles, Jim Carter, Rich Clark,
Tommy Cole, Mary Conklin, Mark Gabreilson, Ben Glascock, Jacob "Jake" Harrison, Mike Hermanstorfer,
Mike Higgins, John Holland, Brian Hood, Matt Hott, Dennis "Ronnie" Hutchison, Daryl Jacobs, Bob Kemp,
Krystal Lamb, Tom Livingston, Bill Matiasek, Justin Perez, Don Rask, Luis Rodriquez, Robin Ross,
Scott Schwoegler, Paul Shafer, Josh Sullivan, Charlie Whiteman, Jeff Wroblewski Sr.
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Residency: Award nominees must be legal U.S. residents.
Service: All volunteer activities must be unpaid and cannot include court-ordered community service. Nominees who receive a nominal stipend for their service or receive paid time off to volunteer are eligible.
Timeline: Volunteer service must last for six uninterrupted months and still be ongoing (except disaster relief work).
Impact: Work should demonstrate real impact from the activity. Examples include number of people served, money raised, etc.
Community need: Activity must meet a community need or concern. Nominee must have sustainability plans for their activity (ex. working with community organizations to continue their work, empowering service recipients to continue their work, etc.).

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High School Bowling: Nominees must have been actively coaching in a high school bowling program in a volunteer capacity. Nominees who receive a nominal stipend for their service or receive paid time off to volunteer are eligible.
Additional Volunteer Service to Bowling: Nominees may combine additional volunteer service on behalf of bowling, provided they include high school bowling volunteer work as previously stated.
Additional Volunteer Service to the Community: Nominees may combine additional volunteer service outside of the bowling industry, provided they include high school bowling volunteer work as previously stated.


Michael Nyitray, President of the USHSBF, is also a USBC Gold Certified Coach. View his website at: www.worldmike.com