U.S. High School Bowling Foundation


QUESTION 1: When was the website for the U.S. High Bowling Foundation launched?

ANSWER: The first tier of the USHSBF was introduced with Broward County High School Bowling in 2010. The USHSBF records website was officially launched in 2012.

QUESTION 2: What was motivation being the creation of the high school bowling records website?

ANSWER: To recognize the top-level performances from high school bowling AND to provide a consolidated resource for these acomplishments to viewed.

QUESTION 3: Who is behind the U.S. High School Bowling Foundation and the management of its website?

ANSWER: All aspects of the U.S. High School Bowling Foundation were created by Mike Nyitray. Mike also maintains all aspects of the USHSBF website. Anyone wanting to submit a high school bowling score please email it to Mike at worldmike@aol.com.

QUESTION 4: How are the high school bowling scoring records collected?

ANSWER: Research, lots and lots of research. Checking and re-checking is part of what goes into the creation of information and/or records database. Scouring the internet, individually contacting each state accociation by phone and/or e-mail, are just examples how these scoring records have been collected.

However, the best way for these high school scoring records to updated is for the score to submitted directly to the USHSBF. All that is needed is to send an e-mail with the score, name of bowler, date, name of school, county and state to worldmike@aol.com.

QUESTION 5:: Are "club" (non-varsity) scores eligible for scoring records?

ANSWER:: YES! All scores rolled during matches between high schools, along with high school tournaments, are eligible for scoring record consideration.

QUESTION 6: Why do some states have more scoring records than others?

ANSWER: Each state's high school bowling program is unique. Some states play more games during the regular season matches or post-season than other states.

Here is an example where a state may have more scoring records. Any team or individual that performs well during the U.S. High School Bowling National Championships, scores rolled during the long format at 'Nationals' may be the only time those bowlers play that many games in an event; which allows those states to have more scoring records..

QUESTION 7: Who pays for the U.S. High School Bowling Foundation and its website and how can I contribute to it?

ANSWER: Like with most non-profit organizations, the USHSBF and its website is totally funded by contributions and sponsors.

Contributions can be sent to the U.S. High School Bowling Foundation or USHSBF. The USHSBF is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please provide your contact information with your check to receive your tax deductable receipt acknowledging your contribution. Click here to support the U.S. High School Bowling Foundation.

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