U.S. High School Bowling Foundation

ELIGIBILITY Requirements for Scoring Records

ALL scores bowled during the official high school regular season, district tourrnament and state tournament are eligible for record consideration. Both club and varsity matches are equally eligible for scoring records.

While it is prefered that high school bowling be certified by the USBC (ABC/WIBC sanctioned), it is not required provided that the official state high school association bowling league itself is not USBC certified.

If the submitted scores can be verified by the official state high school association or a director within an official state high school association that is not USBC certified / ABC sanctioned, then such scores will be considered.

HIGH AVERAGE Eligibility Requirements

- Must have participated in at least two-thirds (2/3) of regular season matches, AND...
- Must have participated in a minimum of six (6) matches in a given season, AND...
- Must have participated in a minimum of twelve (12) games in a given season.
- Must be submitted by either the school's bowling coach, school's Athletic Director, district high school association director, state high school association representative or local bowling association secretary.
- Only submissions providing contact information for both the bowler and the individual submitting the scores will be considered.


Each state runs its high school bowling tournament/league uniquely. As a result, each state records page will vary in its display of scoring records. The USHSBF respects that each state athletic association has the right to manage its high school bowling events as it sees fit.

HOWEVER, part of the purpose of this website is to establish a standardized set of records where every bowler from every state can be compared equally. All records displayed in this website will be consistent with rules and policies set forth by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) rulebook; specifically rule 51b - 3 on page 22.

51b - 3 Qualifications is as follows:
3. Qualifications.
Three consecutive games must be bowled in USBC league or tournament play to qualify for series awards. For average requirements on average-based awards, see Rule 53.
..a. A series shall be figured as follows:
.. . 1) If more than three but less than six games are bowled, use the first three games.
. .. 2) If six or more games are bowled, use each succeeding set of three games following the first three games.
..b. In tournament play, each three-game series must be bowled in the same block.
..c. A series of games can be bowled consecutively against one or more opponents.
..d. Games must be bowled on the same date.
..e. Where a choice of awards is available in any category, the member is entitled to a choice of an
.......award for the first score recorded. Any additional score in the same category that fiscal year will be
.......officially recognized by USBC, but will not qualify for an award.

For multiple-game scoring records, there is an exception with USHSBF scoring records. The composite pinfall (even if it is across blocks) will be totaled and will be eligible for a USHSBF scoring record "TOTAL".

Scoring record totals will begin from the first game of a block or round, with the composite total building from that point. This is, again, due to the fact that no two states follow the same format in high school league, districts/sectionals/regionals and state finals.

To submit a score or scores from high school bowling, send it to
Mike Nyitray at:


Be sure to include the following information:

- Name of the bowler and/or school, score, season year, school name, county and state
- For high averages, please verify the scores meet the eligibility requirements listed above
- These records are for scores bowled ONLY during high school matches, districts or states


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