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. *July 25-27, 2020- --- Dayton, Ohio


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* 2020 National Championship has been cancelled *

July 15th, 2020

Dear Coaches, Bowlers and Parents,

It is with great disappointment to report the cancellation of the 2020 U.S. High School Bowling National Championship. While we've been fighting to keep this year's National Championship going, a combination of further difficult news today has now made it impossible to bring you this tournament.

Earlier today, the USBC canceled their remaining 2020 national tournaments. We have always been a USBC certified tournament and we respect the USBC's perspective regarding COVID-19. We also just received discouraging news from local health department regarding the escalating COVID-19 infection numbers. As a result, we feel it is in the best interest of bowlers, coaches and parents to cancel this year's event.

Because of the excellent relationship we have with Poelking Lanes - South, the 2021 U.S. High School Bowling National Championship will be hosted in Dayton, Ohio at Poelking Lanes - South. .Next year's tournament will be on June 19-21, 2021.

This pandemic has been especially hard on this year's graduating seniors. We wish all the senior national finalists could have put their skills to the test in this season's final high school tournament. As to all our national finalists, you should take pride in knowing that you earned your spot in the 2020 National Championship, and no one can take that away from you.

Regarding refunds, everyone's entry fees will start being processed for refund right away in the way they were paid. Credit card payments will have their entry fee refunded to their credit card, while those who paid by check will have refund checks mailed to them. Once processed, credit card refunds will be confirmed by e-mail to the credit card holder. If anyone has specific requests regarding their entry fees, please contact me by e-mail at worldmike@aol.com .

Lastly, I would like to personally thank all of you that entered the 2020 National Championship!! We at the U.S. High School Bowling Foundation hope you all stay safe and healthy and have a successful 2020/2021 season.


Michael Nyitray
President, U.S. High School Bowling Foundation

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U.S. High School Bowling Foundation's policy regarding All-Star and Postseason contests

  • All future U.S. High School Bowling National Championship competitions will only be scheduled during the summertime; between the calendar dates of June 1st and July 31st, so to not interfere with class time during the regular academic season.
  • Consistence with the principle of a culminating event, the U.S. High School Bowling Foundation will only schedule one (1) U.S. High School Bowling National ChampionshipTM per year/season.
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The NFHS can neither grant nor refuse permission for any high school to attend any event. That function is not within the organizationís jurisdiction. Inquiries regarding permissibility should be directed to the schools themselves, and to their respective state high school associations.


Michael Nyitray, President of the USHSBF, is also a USBC Gold Certified Coach... view his website at: www.worldmike.com